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In The Beginning

Does anyone, or anything, know the true meaning of life and existance ? Well, if any one human being claims to truly know, I believe they are misguided, as it's PJ's assertion that it's actually impossible to know. And that's a problem for PJ - a huge problem.

Of course, whether individuals are religious or not has a strong bearing on this most fundamental question. If you accept a religion and worship a god or other deity then you are pretty much subscribing to a pre-arranged and pre-disposed meaning of life, and you are required to accept it and believe it, otherwise your faith is automatically called into question. So, for the purpose of this discussion, we'll assume that the reader is interested in exploring the non-religious option, and being open to asking themselves 'what am I doing here' or 'what's the point of all this'. There are those who aren't sure, whether they believe in a god or not, and those who are open to the possibility of there not being such a deity, but need convincing of an alternative. Well, you are welcome to the party too.

PJ has a belief that each of us does indeed have a known start and a known end and those things are pre-coded or pre-programmed inside us and within the fabric of space and time. How we get between A and B, well that's down to us, and the choices we make day to day. There are an infinite number of paths and an infinite number of combinations of decisions we'll make every day of our lives, and those decisions will determine the paths and therefore determine how we get to the end. Whether all of those infinite possibilities are being played out in an infinite number of parallel universes, well, that's not so certain, but it's a strong possibility. Between A and B, there has to be a meaning, doesn't there ? It would seem slightly odd if the only goal was to be born and then navigate a path to your death. Some people do indeed believe this though: Birth, School, Metallica, Death !! I suppose that isn't a bad meaning of life in itself, but I've always hoped there was more than that.

So, who knows where this is going to go. It's going to be a continuous work in progress. It may end up being just a collection of random thoughts and nothing more than that. It could end up as an epitaph. Either way, PJ felt it was time (and the place) to leave an imprint in the digital World, something that would accompany the radio waves from the Rock Service travelling across the cosmos for all enternity.

This is of course just one of many fundamental questions. What came before everything ? What came before the moment of creation, whether that was the Astrophysical big-bang or whether it was a God or deity doing their work. In many respects, that question is even more profound that 'what's the meaning of life', but PJ suspects that those 2 questions are very strongly connected and if you can find the answer to one, you'll find the other by default.

Common meanings of life (often heard)

"To Help One Another"

"To have children and get married"

"To be successful and have a career"

"To meet new people and discover new things"

"To travel the World"

"To do my best in everything I do"

"To look after my family"

"To help the needy"

"To look after mother nature"

"To search for life away from our planet"

............and the list goes on.

PJ's thoughts on these (just my opinion)? Anyone who claims these are even remotely close to the meaning of life has probably not thought about the question enough :). These are all very good aspirations, and things we should probably try to achieve, but they are (in my opinion :)) aspirations and that's all - I cannot see a direct meaning in any of them that makes me feel as if they are drawing me to a conclusion - although perhaps the last one on the list might give me a clue. All just PJ's opinion and no offence intended.

Before it gets lost in the drivel PJ will write in the weeks and months ahead :), I'll put it out there as a very important aspect - continuation of the species and taking it further, evolution and improvement of the species. This seems very important indeed, and may form part of whatever conclusion is reached (if indeed one is reached). Could this actually be a part of the ultimate meaning of life - to be self-preserving, to ensure continuation of life itself, is that what it's ultimately about ? It feels important to me and so it could well be a part of the answer. There would still be something missing though - continuation of the species for what purpose ? It would seem counter-intuitive to continue something when the end-goal isn't known or understood or perhaps that's just it, it's the strive towards finding the meaning, and through continuation of life and survival, we're buying ourselves more time :) ? To be explored further.......

<more to come>.....eventually........:)