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Hello L, Again,

I'm glad you like them. They contacted PJ at the Rockservice in October 2016. As soon as I listened to one of their songs (I forget which one I heard first) I immediately connected with their music. It's not my usual genre in some ways, but something about them sounded very familiar. I was certain that I'd heard of them before, but forgotten about them, but it wasn't the case. Every single song is amazing. Every one has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and every one builds, and you know I like that. When I discovered that they had no record deal, no nothing, and had barely left Poland, I was very surprised. All their YT stuff is done by themselves, all the videos, everything. It's very impressive.

I had planned to go to Warsaw in November to see them, and they put me on the guest list. I'd booked the flight,  hotel etc., but in the end, I didn't feel well enough to go, and so I didn't. When the chance came a few weeks ago, I had to go. It was a far more difficult place to get to than Warsaw, but it was SOOO worth it. I saw them at their rawest, in a tiny little village bar, with about 30 people. I was clearly the only non-Polish person there :-)., and all the locals were really pleased I'd made the journey to their locality.

The band were also so pleased I had made the effort to go all that way to see them.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a great gig for them. They've just changed 2 band members, I don't think they'd rehearsed properly for ages. and the sound in the bar was not the best. It was great to meet them though, and get the chance to hear them live.

My next challenge is to find a way to get them to the UK to do a show.

Not sure which songs you've heard, they're all amazing. My favourite song though is Lost In Words - check the lyrics. From the album they released in December, I like Nightmare (sounds like an epic masterpiece !!), Beyond the hatred, and Find your freedom is a very upbeat, happy song.

Also check out songs like Unspoken and out of shadow from their 'Grace to oblivion' EP.

Then, going way back in time to 2013 I think, their first EP was 'my secret place' and one of the first videos of theirs on YT I saw was 'My memory'. However, there's also a track on their called 'Confession' - sends shivers down my spine when I hear it.

You can download all their songs here, courtesy of PJ @ the Rockservice :-)

ANF Music

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As Night Falls gig - AMAZING !!!!!




RIP Chris Cornell

On Thursday, Tom Morello paid tribute to his late friend and Audioslave bandmate Chris Cornell on Instagram. "Thank you for your friendship and your humor and your intellect and your singular and unmatched talent," the guitarist's post read.

That same night, he wrote a poem in tribute to Cornell, which appears in full below.

You're a prince, you're a snare, you're a shadow
You're twilight and star burn and shade
You're a sage, you're a wound shared, you're masked
You're a pillar of smoke, you're a platinum heart
You're a brush fire, you're caged, you're free
Your vision pierces, you do not see
You are pieces strewn on the hillside
You're open armed, you're armed, you're true
You're a revealer of visions, you're the passenger, you're a never fading scar
You're twilight and star burn and shade
You're the secret veiled, you're the secret revealed, you're surrounded no more
You're not there, now you're always here
You're a handsome groom, a loving father, a haunted stairwell
You're the clear bell ringing, the mountains echo your song
Maybe no one has ever known you
You are twilight and star burn and shade



Live shows coming over Christmas and New Year, online and on 87.9MHz FM in selected areas.......






Polish Symphonic Metal band 'As Night Falls' released their debut LP today, and all the tracks are featured on the Rock Service playlist.

Check out this example of their work from their 2015 EP


and this one


Artwork from the new album -


For my Angel





Take Care My Angel, Always.

R.I.P Lem  - the World feels like an even darker place today

22nd January 2016 - Check out this 'new' band we've discovered here at the Rock Service


and especially tracks like this !!!!


12th November 2015 - R.I.P Philthy Animal Taylor

6th November 2015 - New W.A.S.P - WOW !!!!! Nothing to say.......


10th August 2015 - We're live on 14th August 2015 24/7, online and on 87.9MHz FM in parts of South Leicestershire and North Northamptonshire in the UK. Special programming commemorating the anniversary of the Marine offences Act, 14th August 1967

26th July 2015 - Sometimes in life, things don't turn out quite the way you expect. I could give countless examples, but one from yesterday was when I satisfied one of my life-long dreams, to see The Scorpions play the UK. Some of our videos are available on our Youtube page now:


11th May 2015 - We're absolutely LOVING this band. Recorded @ the Dames of Darkness festival 2015


GREAT band, GREAT singer, GREAT song with GREAT lyrics. Totally STUNNING !!!!!!

24th April 2015 - We have a new, more reliable server. Enjoy :-)

24th April 2015 - Check out this band:


(great lyrics for that song)

3rd March 2015 - Gig guide updated !!!

December 2014: Christmas Live Shows coming......online and on 87.9MHz FM in Leicestershire

01/9/14: We're working on getting an archive of shows available on the web-site - watch this space......

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18/8/14: Live Shows coming !!!

The Rock Service is pleased to announce the start of regular live shows every Sunday evening, starting 24/8/14, hosted by Paul Johnson.

These shows will be broadcast via the 64K / 128K livestreams (and on 87.9 FM time to time).

Tentative show time is 22.00 - 00.00 CET, and may be varied and/or extended in future weeks.

7/7/14: Apologies to those affected by this (all back up and running now):