// Tracks of the Month.......

It's an old feature we've brought back for 2019 and beyond. Each month we'll post a suggestion on this page regarding a track we believe deserves the badge of 'Track of the Month' and some will likely be added to the playlist too. We may even bring back some old favourites, just to increase the choice of things to listen to on this page.

Kicking things off for late August 2019......

25th August 2019 - Beth Hart

From her new Album War in my Mind, here is the title track from Beth Hart's new album - 

Beth Hart - War in my Mind

We've always had a 'thing' about tracks that start slowly and build up. We also like 'moody' piano sounds. Her voice, very much like Janis Joplin at times, delivers a powerful, yet sultry, and ultimately bluesy performance. The lyrics are pretty good too......

We really like it and it's certainly worthy of track of the month !!!!!

Enjoy !!!!

27th August 2019 - Vetrar Draugurinn

This was one we really should have done earlier in 2019, but just so it's documented at some point, we'll squeeze it in before the end of August 2019 !!!

What can I say about this track, other than it's totally epic ! We've known about this band for some time, and the singer's other band, Autumn. Steve Martin is probably the number 1 fan for both bands :). He takes it to a new level though - almost stalkerish :).

Vetrar Draugurinn are from the Netherlands and feature the ex Stream of Passion guitar player Eric Hazebroek. Marjan Welman takes the role of lead vocals and her angelic, yet dark voice is really something to behold. They've recently released their first full album, called Hinterlands and every single track is an absolute blinder !!! Our favourites are Death Will Come For Us and this one, Twelfth Night. Apparently, according to Steve Martin, it used to be Eleventh Night, but nobody else seems to remember this :).

Check it out - absolutely awesome track, which starts very quietly and builds into something quite special indeed. We REALLY love this track !!!! This is Steve Martin's version from one of their live shows earlier in 2019. We cannot wait to seem them at FemMe in October 2019 !!!! Bring it on !!!!!

Vetrar Draugurinn - Twelfth Night