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May 2021

January 2021

Really enjoying my Hybrid Theory box set :) :) :)

October 2020

September 2020

I think the studio mixer has Covid-19 !!!!!!

August 2020

June 2020

Will we all be going to gigs wearing this kind of attire ? !!!!!

Hard at 'work' !!!!!!

The new studio is finally taking shape.........

15th November 2019 - As Night Falls - Bree, Belgium

Sound Check............

Lem really does get everywhere, right..........

Bocian ready to get to work at the start.........

Afterwards..........job well done !!!!!

18th June 2019 - Metallica @ Etidhad Stadium, Manchester

The crowd gathers in the rather grey, wet and gloomy Manchester evening ambience

PJ sporting the latest Metallica merch - we like it a lot !!!!

......and in a more appropriate pose :)

Absolutely LOVE this jacket / hoodie !!!!

and the T-Shirts aren't bad either. The proper 'Worldwired' shirts are arguably better, but PJ liked the simplicity of this one !!

5th April 2019 - Camden Underworld for Kayak

Great to see these 2 again :) after 15+ years

15th March 2019 - Elblag

Thank you guys !!!! New Spatial Album + some ANF trinkets :)

(the album is playing live on air on the play list NOW !!!!)

9th March 2019 - Warsaw

24th February 2019 - Angelwings @ Molly Blooms, La Linea, Spain

15th February 2019 - Exciting !!!!!

8th January 2019 - PJ Gets everywhere !!!

1st January 2019 - Studio never gets any tidier - just gets more flashing lights every year :)

8th December 2018

Countdown to the Leppard Show @ Nottingham !!!

Show time !!!

PJ after the show - sporting the latest Merch !

11th November 2018

May he rest in peace, along with all the other men and women who gave their lives protecting us, our way of life, our futures and our liberties. We will never forget.

November 2018

As Night Falls @ Warsaw, Poland

VooDoo Club - a very impressive venue on the outskirts of Warsaw in what appears to be an old industrial/factory style  building. Stunning architecture.

Lem lives on everywhere, in all of us !!

The Tosty and Chipsy were very nice :) - thanks Lem !

October 2018

As Night Falls @ Wroclaw (pronounced Roshlav apparently !), Poland

August 2018

LV18 @ Harwich - Radio Mi Amigo

The Radio Mi Amigo studio on board the LV18

The lovely garden on the front deck of the ship

The 106.8FM antenna on the council building

The 'light' of the Lightship LV18

During the fireworks celebration

PJ with an old friend from the 1990s

May 2018


March 2018

As Night Falls UK mini-tour

The stage was set in London

How did it all fit in the van ? :)

The van after we'd arrived in Leicester

Pawel of As Night Falls with Maggiebeth of Serpentyne outside The Musician, Leicester

Promo inside The Musician, Leicester

The stage was set in Leicester

On-stage in Leicester towards the end of the set

Taking their bows at the end of the set in Leicester

Pawel S, Pawel D and Slawek enjoying some traditional British ale :)

Leicester Mercury Newspaper - 3rd March 2018

Thank You guys - this is special. Really it's the band that need the thanks though, just for

existing and forming the band in the first place.

5th January 2018

The Rock Service - Christmas and New Year 2017/2018

4th January 2018 (photos from August 2017)

On-board the Ross Revenge on 13th August 2017

21st Dec 2017

Radio Caroline's Mast at Orford Ness (spot the brave man climbing it !!)


Moon, Mars, Jupiter Conjunction

Ibiza Sunet - San Antonio Bay


Re-discovering this attire after almost 30 years !

The studio - Christmas 2016


Sunset on the beach @ Weston Super Mare - 2nd Jan 2017

Another conjunction - Moon and Jupiter (Mars is there too but not visible) - 2nd January 2017

Sunset from Greenwich Observatory, London, May 2017

Flyer at the As Night Falls gig, Pyskowice, Poland, 10th June 2017

Download 2017 - June 10th (the day Slayer headlined)

Another lovely Ibiza sunset

and sunrise the next morning over the bay, with a minor conjunction of the moon and venus :)


Someone should tidy that studio :-)

Someone should tidy that studio, seriously, someone REALLY should :-)

Other Random Photos

                                                         Say no more - R.I.P

Our favourite 'Rock' bar in Helsinki ?

R.I.P. Nigel

Aldebaran (A.K.A 'you')

Broadcasting tower, somewhere in Wales, UK (can't remember where)

Could have gone to the gig, in the right place at the right time, but didn't :-(

The 'old lady' still has it - now moored in Bradwell-on-Sea